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George L. Trevino Jr.

4th Dan Black Belt


Mr. Trevino Jr. was born January 30, 1978 in Dallas, Texas. He began his training at 10 years old. Being a victim of school bullying he was taken to his first lesson by his parents. George was introduced to and instructed by Mr. David Garcia who would help in his development and increase his knowledge and love for the martial arts. He became a student under Master William Shelton in 1989. Master Shelton then helped hone, polish, and refine his techniques and knowledge.


George earned his 1st Dan Black Belt under Grand Master Shelton at the age of 13 in 1991. He then became an instructor for Master Kristi Shawky in 1992. While instructing for Master Shawky he found a passion and love of teaching and passing on the knowledge he gained up to the point. George earned his 2nd Dan Black Belt in 1997 and had a slight set back due to an injury. Over the last fifteen years George has continued to instruct, mentor, and educate many students in the beauty of the martial arts. His constant thirst for knowledge and his deep desire to share this with his students drives him still to this day. Taking a personal interest in each student and tailoring to their needs and abilities George always finds a way to make sure his students reach their full potential no matter what obstacles may lie ahead.