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Master Kristi Shawky

7th Dan Black Belt


Kristi was born August 18, 1973 in Pensacola, Florida. She grew up with four older brothers, and in an effort to keep up with them, started training in Tae Kwon Do in 1986. In 1990 she received her 1st Dan Black belt under Grand Master Instructor William Shelton. She has continued her training and currently holds the rank of 7th Dan black belt. Kristi grew up in a good Christian home and tries to instill in all of her students that hard work and perseverance can help you reach your goals.


In 1991 Kristi and her brother opened Dale and Kristi’s American Karate Academy. After 18 years, the Lord has blessed them with one of the largest martial arts dojos in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex.


Kristi was very active in open karate competitions and was rated in the top 5 competitors from 1986-1993. She took a break from competing to focus on her students and upon her return in 2003, she had a successful year & won 1st place in the 18-34 yr old light-weight black belt women’s sparring at the Amateur Organization of Karate state championships. In 2004, she was awarded the “Golden Greek” Award for being the #1 top female black belt competitor in kata and sparring in the state of Texas. She also won the first place in kata and first place in sparring at the State Competitions in Austin, Texas in December 2004. She was awarded “Referee of the Year” in the north region AOK tournament circuit. Over the years she has trained in many other styles including Aikido, Arnis, and Chinese Kenpo. In 2002 Kristi and her brother became producers of the AOK “A” rated Texas Karate Heatwave tournament.